65Bits Episode 99 - InteresThunk

SHAMELESS PLUG: The HUNDREDTH episode is coming next week. 27th December 2008 @ 1400. Be there. Or be octagonal.

Whooda’ Thunk it. We’d be reunited as one at the open doors of the home, the crib, the HQ of Tech65. At Jerrick’s home where his mother’s recent return has meant a nicely cleaned home and nicely chilled cola. In the spirit of openness we’re glad to see that many more companies have joined Google’s Open Handset Alliance. We look at various speed limits that graphics card companies and solid state memory companies try to break and also wish a very happy 40th to the mouse. Now don’t you think it’s time you stepped down and let some fresh faced junior take over?

Listen to Me! You have No Time! The 100th. It’s COMING!
Left Hand of Destruction, Red Ring of Death, Black Knight of Insolence, Pink Tunic of Destiny.

Stories this week:


[3:58]Open Handset Alliance

[6:02]Sony Ericsson, HTC say new Android-powered handsets due next year

[10:30]Android Dev Phone 1

[16:27]Google takes Chrome out of beta

[21:55]Fastest Storage in the World

[26:24]Nvidia is slated to announce newest graphics card, two bolted together 260s.

[29:00]Happy 40th birthday to Mouse

[30:40]Byte of the week : Soup.io

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  • We call it “soup dot io” 🙂 And IO is the “British Indian Ocean Territories”… pretty much just the US/UK military base “Diego Garcia”, no native inhabitants.
    Thanks for the plug!

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  • I have to disagree with Chrome being a good browser for netbooks and especially a tablet.For a netbook the inability of fullscreen mode means a permanent space of screen real estate being taken up by the tabs and address bar. For tablets, the Grab and Drag extension for Firefox is extremely useful and Chrome can’t compete with that

  • Thanks for the information Christopher! It’s always amazing when we receive such trivia from people who’ve created apps we talk about on our show.

  • Jerrick stole my avatar again… Don’t worry, will be fixed in the major site update that’s happening merely DAYS from today!!

    Anyway, I still think Chrome is the best for netbooks, because I want to have some information, like the tabs and address bar. I wanna know where I am, and when I’m working, I do want to switch tabs quickly, and often too. In full screen mode, whether in IE of FF, I have to wait for the bar to pop out before I can change tabs etc. Also, having those essential bars (sound’s like a wine bar’s name…) permanently there means that the bars don’t hover over the top of the page.

    Personal preference I guess.

  • In Firefox you can go to about:config and configure fullscreen address bar and tabs to show in fullscreen
    You can even disable the animation address and tab bar if you want to enable auto hide
    I guess the Firefox developers thought of that too. =)

    But I do have to say Chrome is fast but with the more tabs (thus processes) you open I find it consumes much more memory and also I have refresh issues with Chrome: it slowly ‘shows’ the window as if it’s rendering the Chrome window top to bottom

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