C65 - Intel Core i7 Launch Event
The Tech65 crew head down to Intel’s Core i7 Launch event at the top of Equinox Singapore and find out what’s the deal with the brand new Core i7 processor, as well as check out the sights (i.e. cool looking machines and set ups) there.

  • PJ

    Hi to members of Tech65, i have a few things to point out regarding the Core i7 launch…

    The Core i7 is definitely the pinnacle of computer processor technology, but right now it targets PC enthusiasts, not the mainstream market(as mention by Patrick and as seen by its current pricing). I have seen benchmarks the i7 920(lowest end) beating the QX9770(C2Q highest end) with ease, while it costs less. Same think cannot be said for the LGA1366 X58 motherboards as they are so expensive right now it offsets the savings that u have gotten from the CPU. Also DDR3 is still costlier than DDR2, and the need for triple channel configurations can’t help any less.

    I can’t see the advantage the i7 has over Core 2 Quad as already the Core 2 Duos are overkill for web-surfing,word processing,youtube,HD videos. Guess that’s just Intel way of saying “Newer is Better”.

    For now, it’s great news for those doing heavy rendering, visualizations etc. And the QPI kinds of mimics AMD HyperTransport, by doing away with the memory controller on the motherboard.

    Not exactly good news for gamers as there are no games on the market being optimized to run on all 4 cores(except Alan Wake, which supposed to be the first game to utilize all 4 cores but it’s not even out yet..). That’s why gamers still prefers the E8XXX chips(fastest C2D in the market now), plus they are so overclockable(read 4GHz on air).

    I just hope Intel isn’t rushing with the launch of their new chips as they are hardly threatened by AMD with their miserable Phenoms. Maybe they could have launch it when Windows7 is ready.

    That’s just my 2 cents worth haha

  • Hi PJ, I don’t think this is something that they’ve rushed out. Based on the presentation, this is something they have been working for a very long time, and the thing to look forward to regarding the Core i7 isn’t the Core i7 itself, but the processors that are coming out after this, because the Core i7 is the start of a brand new generation of processors from Intel.

    They mentioned several times that they’ve only done such a major overhaul 9 times since Intel’s founding, and when they start a new generation, they usually start with the highest end first. As the months pass, you will see more chips for mainstream consumers, followed by chips for notebooks etc, and after everything is out, then will we realise why this particular Core i7 is worth getting excited about.

    Of course, we’ll have to see if they live up to what they said, but my point is that it’s not about this particular chip they’re showing off, but the upcoming generation of chips that we should get excited about.

  • PJ

    Finally got a reply haha, guess that’s it for LGA775 in ’09 and all the Core 2 goodness…i am equally excited about the i7 road map as well, just feel not everyone is ready for Quad-Core yet, let alone Quad-Core w/ Hyperthreading(Virtual 8 cores)…btw nice work on the webby;)

  • NTT

    @PJ and @Daniel.

    Personally I am not so excited about the Quad-Cores as I am about the new architecture. Intel has almost entirely changed everything under the hood on that chip. Stuff like Second-level branch predictor and second-level Translation Lookaside Buffer go help to improve performance of each individual cores..

    Also like PJ said, they brought in the Memory Controller, and changed the way their clocks are distributed (QPI instead of FSB etc..), but other than that there are many improvements in this new architecture.

    Like Intel was saying, this jump is similar to the Jump from P4(NetBurst) to Core, where we saw a huge jump in performance even between the single core chips.

    I do see i7 taking over the FlagShip soonish.. They just need to get the Mobos out in greater quantities to get the prices down.. Ausu, MSI, anyone??

  • PJ

    Ya…they need to roll out mainstream G51,G53,P55 chipsets soon, and triple channel ram kits are still way too expensive, any idea when will they start incorporated USB 3.0?

  • Ok, I’m like 2 days slow to reply again… Haha…

    I have a feeling that it’s not really taking off as fast as they expected. I.e. was expecting news by now, but I’ve heard nothing so far…

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