65bits Episode 95: Touchsmart has a fan club??

This week’s recording was a race against time because we weren’t at our usual location, and had a dying laptop and no power plug. This week’s recording also successfully proved that we’re in the pre-Christmas lull, that equally magical window of the year where 3 weeks worth of stories turn out to be less than one week’s usual worth. Well you’ll see the other extreme real soon. HP released Touchsmart’s codes to developers, Windows 7 is shown off at PDC and it looks promising, and Starhub malu-ated as they fail to deliver their declaration of all Singaporean telcos selling the iPhone by the end of this year.

Stories this week:

[01:50] HP opens up Touchsmart to Third-Party developers

[07:00] Windows 7 showed off at PDC
[15:55] Windows Azure revealed

[21:00] Starhub delays iPhone sale

[23:18] Apple activates podcast downloads in 2.2 firmware

[29:02] Byte Of The Week: Goosync

Daniel Tsou is our fabulous host, who decides mostly what we talk about and basically calls the shots, Yes, he does. I, writer of this bio on Mr Tsou is very much afraid that by commiting this post to words, I will be dragged off in the night by a black Truck, or a Segway more like. Other than that, Daniel is tall, lived for a period of time in Venezuela and Spain, and is enthusiastic for all things tech.
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