Channel65: Sanyo Xacti HD1000 Unbox

Join Daniel as he unboxes the new camera that will be used to film all of Tech65’s future productions, the Sanyo Xacti HD1000, as well as find out why he chose this camera for that purpose.

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Warehouse123 HD1000 page

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  • I would like to know the quality of the video taken and I would like to know the price 😀

    Zat is zee most importante in a review!

  • Oh! Can I play with it? 😀

  • OOHHH!!! Sexy! Should I repost my macbook unboxing here? But I don’t have the Tech65 heading…

    LOL You’re like playing around with your little knife thingy

  • What the… My pic is a picture of daniel…

  • Oh yeah, it cost US$470 with shipping. That’s close S$700. Video is really good. The autofocus is a little wonky though. I did a vid, which I’ll put it up shortly, but it’s on youtube, so…

  • couldn’t you buy the xacti in Singapore?

  • Yea, you could. The xacti at Funan costs about S$1200, while at sim lim, they range from 700 to 1000. Plus you don’t know what are they ripping you off from. At least is reliable. They’re known for selling stuff that’s good yet hard to find to all over the world. They even sell the iRiver Spinn!!

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