65bits Episode 94: The new Palm OS is finally here! Sort of...

Did you guys go check out X08 last weekend? Well, we did, and we got a chance to play with the new Xbox Experience, the upcoming software update for the 360, and we loved it.

Also, we just can’t get enough of Mobile tech news, as shown in this week’s episode where we explore Firefox’s mobile browser that just got released as an alpha, and talk about Android some more. What’s that? The “we-waited-so-long-until-we-didn’t-care-anymore” Palm OS 6 that they promised to release in 2004 (!?) is finally launched as ALP? Right. And moving swiftly along…

Brought to you by Daniel, Farinelli and Hisham

We will not be recording episode 95 of 65bits on the 1st of November 2008 due to Podcamp 2008, although we might have special content releasing that day, so keep checking the site for details! 65bits will be back on the 8th of November! Oh, and do join us at Podcamp Singapore 2008, it’s free!

Stories in this episode:

[00:55] No usual 65bits next week due to Podcamp Singapore 2008

[02:10] X08 at Marina Square and the new Xbox 360 software

[09:25] Mobile FireFox Fennec M9 Alpha, released for all to see how it works

[15:00] Android now TRULY open-source, and code released is downloadable and compilable.

[18:45] Android removed applications just before G1 launch, but puts them back in. They’re not Apple after all…

[20:15] Access debuts ALP 3.0 and ALP mini way overdue. Remember Palm OS 6? Yea, neither do we.

[25:00] Mac Mini stops shipping. Is this good bye, or signs of a new Mac Mini?

[27:00] Byte of the week: XNJB – a graphical user interface for Mac OS X for the Creative Nomad range of portable MP3 players and newer MTP players

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