65bits Episode 93: I mean, who cares about Apple, right?

Yes, it’s that time again. Another Apple event, another set of new Apple products. In this episode, the entire Tech65 crew attempts to avoid the Apple topic, and talk about everything else. How about a discussion on Digital Media in Singapore? Or finding out what’s the deal with Samsung’s new Innov8 phone? Oh, I know! Let’s talk about the next version of Windows! I’m sure everyone wants to find out what they decided to name it! And how about some tips on reformatting your Windows machine! I mean, who cares about Apple, right?

Featuring: Daniel, NTT, Farinelli, Ryu, Nicole, Naveen and special cameo by DK.

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[04:00] Pre-DigitalMediaFest 2008 Discussion. What is Digital Media in Singapore?

[09:50] Impressions of the new Samsung Innov8
Review by Claudia.sg

[13:44] Kongregate Labs: Gaming tutorials on creating Flash Games

[16:13] HSDPA Eee PC 901 promotion with SingTel Broadband On Mobile

[20:35] Microsoft unveils final name for Windows 7

[26:57] Apple Time!

[28:03] Oh wait, before that, tips on reformatting your Windows machine

[33:48] Finally! The “dreaded” Apple event discussion
New MacBook
New MacBook Pro
New Cinema Display

Daniel Tsou is our fabulous host, who decides mostly what we talk about and basically calls the shots, Yes, he does. I, writer of this bio on Mr Tsou is very much afraid that by commiting this post to words, I will be dragged off in the night by a black Truck, or a Segway more like. Other than that, Daniel is tall, lived for a period of time in Venezuela and Spain, and is enthusiastic for all things tech.
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