65bits Episode 92 : In Mother Russia, the OS boots you!

TWiST65, we have Nicole and Ryu with us to jump around in the geek pool. Expect to pay that little bit less of unecessary cash when telcos figure out how to cut it, predict where to stand to get your face captured ON GOOGLE!! (incidentally, we’ve given quite abit of airtime to new Google products rolled out these couple of weeks and rolling out in the next few months), and yet more smartphone news. Finally, a Macbook event on October 14th. YAY FARINELLI SAYS YAY!

If you were the star of my life, I’d be fried into black soot right now. THIS! Is Tech65.

Stories this week :

[0:58] S’pore, M’sian regulators to study cutting roaming charges with telcos

[4:06] Google Hackathon Singapore
Harish Mallipeddi – The guy who was sponsored to go to Yahoo! hackday 2008.

[7:42] Google Street View – Coming to Singapore

[12:24] Google Talk gets more Translation Bots!

[16:13] Google Mail Labs

[21:12] xkcd – Youtube Audio Preview

[23:32] G2: HTC Touch HD may be T-Mobile’s next Android phone

[33:53] BlackBerry Storm 9500 hands-on

[38:00] Apple “notebook” event is on, October 14th!

[41:55] Byte of the Week : Gothere.sg

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