65Bits Episode 91: The One Before SMB4

As we creep ever closer to the magical hundredth, Singapore can expect to enjoy fibre to the curb up the rubbish chute in about three years time. Steve (no, the other one… yes that one) releases a confounding Cloud of information which we’re unsure whether to take with a pinch of salt or a barrel of salt. Nokia begins its water testing with the sleek and kinda innovative 5800 ExpressMusic phone. Apple decides to be a little bit less of a jerk, trackpads are set to get more complicated movements to get things done, and Nintendo announces it’s new DS, but will consider manufacturing for the rest of the world after it’s done with its 6 year marathon of Wii Sports Tennis. A photo and video social freak? Our Byte of the Week PixelPipe is perfect for you.

Ntt, daN, reN

Stories this week:

[1:30]Social Media Brunch 4
Audio recording of the panel discussions.

[2:04]OpenNet to be S’pore’s next national broadband network

[8:35]Microsoft will soon release ‘Windows Cloud’ OS, Ballmer says

[14:50]Zune to be ported to Windows Mobile, Ballmer says

[20:00]The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic launched

[29:30]iPhone NDA dropped, developers rejoice!

[35:00]Multitouch: Synaptics Adds New Multitouch Gestures To Trackpads

[38:25]Nintendo announces Nintendo DSi

[44:18]Byte of the Week: PixelPipe

[48:10] Podcamp Singapore

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