65Bits Episode 90: Begun, the smartphone wars have

The launch of T-Mobile’s G1 last week, the first smartphone to run on Google’s Android platform, created some serious competition into the touch-based smartphone arena. How does this new open platform by Google compete with the closed but heavily marketed platform by Apple, and what about Windows Mobile and Series 60? As the team at Tech65 discuss the new G1, what it means to the Android platform, the future of Smartphones, and more, on this week’s 65bits.

Brought to you this week by,
Daniel Tsou, Chinmay Pendharkar, Wong Ren Hao.


Stories this week:
[01:35] A shout out to the Asian Youth Energy Summit
[03:25] Electric Cars by 2010
– [03:36] The Chevy Volt
– [05:36] Chrysler LLC (Daniel made a mistake, it was not GM)’s electric cars

Smartphone Special [08:44]

[09:01] The new T-Mobile G1, by T-Mobile, Google and HTC
[11:50] The G1 as a hardware front-end to the Google Cloud
[14:05] More on the G1 specifications and hardware
[16:05] The Android Market, Android’s own App Store
[17:07] The Amazon Music Store
[18:21] G1 specifications continued
[21:11] The concept of Android discussed
[24:00] The carriers and manufacturers will affect everything
[27:38] The software on the Android now
– – Side note: [28:10] Firefox Mobile by 2010
[30:25] What we think
– – Side notes:
– – [32:26] Windows Mobile 7 postponed
– – [33:07] First Series 60 touch-based phone by October
– – [33:16] First Blackberry touch-based phone
[35:39] Bad press for the iPhone
– – [35:49] Podcaster banned
– – [36:17] Mailgrabber banned
– – [37:31] Apple Extends Non-Disclosure to App Store Rejection Letters
[38:11] Android moving swiftly along
[44:54] In Conclusion

[47:11] Byte of the week: MobileGTD

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