65Bits Episode 89: Swype me an Android baby!

Baked almonds are good. Nothing to do with tech, but you have to agree. You have to.

This week, Microsoft Hardware tries to up the design ante with its new releases, and Creative tried to create some Applistic hype. We pray for its safety. We discuss the possibility of a rising robot industry in sunny Singapore with DSTA’s Tech X Challenge, and rejoice in progress on the Android OS as well as a new and inevitably expensive HTC smartphone. And finally, a revolutionary text input technology – you must watch the video.

This is getting boring isn’t it? Yeah sorry, I’m not Jerrick. Just listen to the episode it’s more interesting.

Dani, Fari, NTi

Stories this week :

[1:43]Microsoft unveils a range on new HW in Singapore.

[13:02]Creative’s new X-Fi product is a Notebook soundcard

[17:41]Robots at Tech X Challenge – Singapore’s Future Robots

[25:01]Google shows off masked Android handset

[35:47]HTC’s Touch HD unveiled in very much official glory

[40:33]Swype – Text Input for Screens

[45:45]Byte of the Week : pptPlex

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