65Bits Episode 88 : Confucius Says...

In this most Auspicious Episode, The 88th episode, Confucius has deigned to offer some words. The Great Confucius has given us the wisdom and honor to keep it short, sweet tasting and simple. He said: Man who leaves for studies, will return. Possibly in three years, possibly never. His words of wisdom hath predicted the rise of a Genius. Who will venture to worlds thus unknown: Your iTunes Library. And most importantly he doth predicted that we will be disappointed even if the Great Apple comes out with a thinner nano, more powerful touch and new software. Oh, how fickle and demanding human heart is.

Man who drops pants in Temple, will be laughed at with abandon.
Child must be seen, not heard, Unless child is stuck under a well.
Women must dance before the dark skinned strangers from the south. They bring great bounties for all.
Killing sharks cannot be advised. They bring great pain to one’s left dingleberries.

Stories this week :

[1:45]Jerrick is leaving Singapore for studies.. 🙁

[3:36]Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event.
– [4:15]New iPod Shuffle
– [8:30]New iPod Classic
– [13:10]New iPod Touch
– [20:20]New iPod Nano
– [23:45]iTunes 8

[36:57]Byte of the Week : Google Alert

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