65Bits Episode 87 : Hadouken!

As the three young fighters entered the town of the high and mighty Korean lord, Samsung, they gazed upon many wonders, and heard many happening of; minature computational devices, known as netbooks, from kingdoms of Lenovo and Dell; great gatherings to be held in anticipation of new musical iPods; Google launching a new device to peer into the world, a browser called Chrome; and a new service which lets you send messenger doves to multiple social networks with a single click, called ping.fm.

Join the fighters as they tell the tales of their adventures in the world of technology this week…

Fei Long, Dhalsim and Ryu

Stories this week :

[1:00]Samsung Flagship Store in Singapore.
Shoutout to Daniel Goh.

[5:45]Dell launches the Inspiron Mini

[10:23]Lenovo’s Blogger’s Night in Singapore
Lenovo U110

[18:20]Apple event on the 7th Sepember.

[30:49]Google launches a browser, Google Chrome.

[38:37]Byte of the Week : Ping.fm

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