65Bits Episode 83 : The Chilly One

We begin this adventure with a nice strong dose of reality as we realise that as with all humans we make mistakes. We apologise to you our dear listeners and hope y’all will move on. We also see news about the iPhone and have a nice long discussion for Blogging @ NUS. We also see a fantastic new bargain from Microsoft for the Xboxes and at the same time they create a new operating system? We also look at tools for better syncing and a better way to protect that one password that you use.

Kiss me.
Sixpence, Richer and ChillyCraps

[1:50]A shout out to the editor of Streetdirectory.com

[3:47]iPhone to launch in Singapore on 22nd August.

[8:05]The soft launch of Blog.nus, Wiki.nus and the Online Mindmapping Tool.

[19:20]xBox 360 Pro (60GB) will be coming to Singapore.

[23:10]iriver Spinn caught on video, kills without words.

[28:35]The “Mojave Experiment” by Microsoft.

[33:00]Google Calendar gets simpler sync with CalDAV.

[37:45]Byte of the Week : SuperGenPass: A Free Bookmarklet Password Generator

  • Dhope

    Hi, with regards to the Password Gen part of the podcast, I feel the attack done will prob not be dictionary attack but rather by finding the algorithm.

    Hence if i try maybe 100 different names on 4-10 websites, the algo should be the same and pattern can be figured out by a dedicated group of geeks. My advice is not to use the program. Humans are the anomalities in this case.

    This is a personal opinion. By the way, the link to the site is wrong. Oei!

  • NTT


    Ooops thanks for pointing that out.. Fixed the link.

    As for the SuperGenPass, I would want to disagree.. I don’t think the algo is vulnerability. Rather I think it might even be open. Since the bookmarklet must be using javascript to generate the hash.. So finally it still depends on your “seed” password. So it’s at least as safe as your password (assuming the hacker knows you are using supergenpass).

    Thanks for listening..

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  • DK

    Is everyone using the same algorithm? Or every user have a different algorithm?

    If everyone has the same algorithm, then a hacker just need to reverse the algorithm using trial and error. It’s tough, but possible.

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