65Bits Episode 82 : Two Parter Special..

This week, the guest-hosts outnumber the hosts as Dan takes on Hishm, DK and Nicole. In the 1st round they fight it out talking about Street Directory and other mapping services; an upcoming line of laptops from Sony which Sony previewed to bloggers this weeks. The second round starts with Cuil (pronounced as ‘Kool’), a search engine which claims to better the big G and ends a stixy collaboration tool!! Listen to the show know who wins!!

Daniel, Nicole, DK, Hisham

Stories this week:

Part 1
[01:17] Street Directory.com is back
[08:25] Sony’s new notebooks – the Z, SR and FW series

Part 2 [16:08]
[17:38] Cuil.com, a new search engine by Ex-Google engineers
[21:55] Byte Of The Week: Stixy.com

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  • Hey Guys

    Heard your podcast this morning –> Its very enlightening.

    Yes, Streetdirectory.com is finally back.

    I would like to add some comments to your discussion;

    1. Where Do we get the Maps
    –> We got them from on the ground Surveys and Satellite Images which we purchased (with special approval from Police). Building our own maps allows us full control of the product. These maps are then hand make (there are over 2000 pieces) to make it Esthetically nice and beautiful ;-).

    2. Can I embed Maps on my side
    Actually you can. While we dont allow users to reproduce the map directly and put them on their site, we have created widgets which users can use and paste it on their website. More info on the widgets here http://www.streetdirectory.com/publishers/location_map_widget/. Todate, there are over 1000 sites that have used these free widgets.

    3. Advertisements
    :-). They make the site free as mention by one of the speakers. The LCB ads are Location Centric Banner Ads. This users our location centric technology where Advertisers can target SD Users based on location & area. Currently, you dont see that because Volvo has bought the entire site banner but come Sep 08, you will start seeing different ads for different areas –> The ads then will be more relevant. Imagine searching for an Area in bedok and you can find the latest promotions in bedok or searching an area in Jurong and you will find a related ad about Jurong.

    Hope this helps and thank you for your kind words on Streetdirectory.com. We will definitely strive to improve the service and continue to be the number 1 Mapping & Travel Site in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

    Pls feel free to write to me at editor@streetdirectory.com

    Will definitely hear more about your podcast. Cool Stuff.

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  • Hilarious! LOL! Thanks for inviting me on the show! 🙂

  • NTT


    Thanks for the information and the clarifications. Streetdirectory is definately a great service, esp with the new maps. And thanks for listening to our podcast!


    Hahaha.. You’re always welcome to join us. Just drop by. 🙂

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