65Bits Episode 81: A Boomy Science Centre

This is 65bits and you’re listening to us live from the Singapore Science Center, through the interwebs. We begin this week’s episode with a piece of art that was stolen. It appears to have shown up however on Creative’s new product, the Zen Mosaic. We’re also impressed with the products that are coming out of the company that is Hewlett Packard. There’re reports that these products have been bewitched by a specific cult known in some circles as “Voodoo”. We are standing by and providing updates as they roll in.

All the People listen to 65bits,
NTT and Daniel

Stories this week :

[1:20]iPhone 3G Preview from Blog2u

[5:21]Creative Introduces the Sound Blaster Play!

[9:12]Creative announces Zen Mosaic.

[11:20]mioTV gets more channels that people actually care about.

[15:15]Sony Ericsson unveils 3 new phones.

[16:23]Sony Reader goes open, will be able to work with other booksellers.

[20:50]Voodoo products get a place in HP catalogs.

[26:30]Byte of the Week : AVG Free Anti-virus.

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