65bits Episode 79: Now in Low Quality!

This week we were only able to provide you with the sweet sounds of Macbook microphone recordings and that is all. Nevertheless it comes filled to the gills with sweet sweet tech news. Of both the iPhone sort and the any other possible sort of news kind of news. Such as Creative’s new Zen X-Fi. Which looks to be quite a competitor to the Colossus that is the iPod. We’re in awe at hard drives with awesome capacities and last but certainly not the least, Google has decided that it’ll get into that whole “second life” thingy with Lively!

With honor and valor (blehh)
The Recruit, The Driver, The Desk Jockey

[03:00]Vote for us in the Ping.sg Blog Awards

[04:05]Creative launches the ZEN X-Fi with Wireless LAN

[10:25]The Singapore iTunes Store is live! Sort of…
– Side story: [13:52]SquareEnix’s Song Summoner RPG for the iPod Classic and iPod Nano

[15:00]The International iPhone Launch. What will ours be like?

[20:29]Seagate comes up with new 1.5 terabyte hard drives

[23:31]Xbox 360’s Mid-range console receives further price drops. What is Maxsoft doing with the Wii?!?

[27:31]Konami lodges patent suite against Harmonix, MTV over Rock band

[30:03]Google launches their own Second Life called Lively

[33:00]Byte Of The Week: Evernote: Remember Everything

Don’t forget to catch our bloopers at the end of the episode!

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