65 Bits Episode 78 : Cheap iPhones?

This week’s episode is brought to you because we love you listeners. We talk about providing technologies to those with disabilities to help them use technology more effectively. Creative is going to release the iPod Killer… again. We look at Hong Kong’s pricing policies for the iPhone and what that means for us in Singapore and it looks like its gonna be the calm before the storm for those Diablo lovers out there as Diablo 3 is coming out soon! Those security minded folk out there also have a new way to log into your WoW account!

We love ya!
Satay, Stingray and Roti Prata

[1:09] Vote for us in the Ping.sg Blog Awards

[3:20]Technology library to loan test gadgets for disabled.
The Infocomm Accessibility Center of the Society for the Physically Disabled

[6:44]The Creative ZEN X-Fi rumored!

[14:37]Hutchison Telecom (Hong Kong) has revealed its pricing and service plans for the iPhone 3G.

[24:05]iCall App Enables GSM to WiFi / VoIP Switching On The iPhone.

[26:48]Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today revealed Diablo® III

[31:50]Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. introduces Blizzard Authenticator, an optional extra layer of security for World of Warcraft®

[34:30]Byte of the week : Mozilla Labs – Introducing Weave

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