65Bits Episode 77 : The end of an Era

Some people live forever, immortalised by the greatness they have inspired or the people they’ve destroyed. Bill Gates is a man who arguably has done both in the tech industry. We drool and gush over HP’s newest and sexehest PC, the HP Touchsmart. You can now rest assured that someone is working to ensure that those who want to apply Creative Commons to their work will soon be able to do so. Nasi Lemak style! We love Microsoft’s extended love for XP, and Nokia’s arms wide open embrace of Open Sauce. Mmm Teriyaki.

Loving Each Day,
The Jedi, The Airplane and the Pokémon

Stories this week :

[2:19]Good Bye Billy Boy Gates

[5:05]HP Touchsmart showcase in Singapore
– Shout out to Podfire and Suyuen.

[19:01]Creative Commons in Singapore finally
– Support Creative Commons in Singapore

[23:39]Microsoft promises to support XP until 2014

[26:29]Nokia buys Symbian, turns software over to Symbian Foundation

[32:35]Byte of the Week: Street directory Alternatives

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  • OMG!!! You guys did a shoutout for me… so embarassing ^^;;;.. I did the Qik videos just out of random fun haha. And the quality was so bad coz of the bad lighting paiseh…

    But seriously, thanks guys! One day we should do a proper Qik video with a higher quality handphone camera in a place with better lighting. ^__^

  • NTT


    Hahaha.. We thought it was cool.. 😀 We should surely do more Qik videos, we love the idea of live broadcasting..

    Thanks once again!

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