65Bits Episode 76 : The one with open secrets

The future is here and its an open secret. Apple has unveiled the way it plans to make all applications online, and we don’t even know about it. Sproutcore’s its name, and we can wait to see what it does. Youtube launched a thing specially for its Partners, we talk about all the iPhone wannabes and killers and wonder if they do or do not actually match up, and question the future of graphics cards/processors/kitchen sinks. Lastly, Singapore Airlines makes a very BLOCKY impression on us.

Tupolev, Iluyushin, Fokker

[3:00]Apple’s open secret: SproutCore is Cocoa for the Web.

[6:30]Youtube tries long form content.

[10:15]Communicasia and multitude cellphone announcements.

[14:25]iPhone wannabes and why they don’t cut it or why they DO!?:

[21:00]ASUS gets official with Atom-powered Eee Box

[24:00]Nvidia and AMD launch TONNES of new graphics cards and Snow Leopard

[30:56]Solar energy concentration by 1000 at a low cost and SMALL sized?!

[33:35]Opera 9.5 vs Firefox 3

[39:40]SIA A380 Super-Jumbo made from Lego.

[44:30]Byte of the Week: Spore Creature Creator

  • Nice, thanks! I keep reading SPORE as Singapore … lolx

    that Super-Jumbo is EVIL!

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  • NTT

    @Sham Hahah.. Singapore Creature Creator would be a nice one… Add a bit of ah-beng, maybe some Char kway teow and a hint of the gahmen.. 😉

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  • You guys said that the computer using Cell Processors (PS3 Processors) was made up of “like 300 processors”. Actually, it’s 122,400 cores and it’s the first computer system to top 1 petaflop. There’s a Youtube video too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpA129SHSuI

    I liked your discussion of iPhone. What about a comparison of our own Creative’s efforts to beat Apple at the iPod. They offered more features but it still has been competitive. I think the same will happen with the iPhone.

  • hey,

    at the end you know you guys mention about a place where one can find all your email address and links?

    i am working on that right now.
    you can see the concept here.

    gimme a month or two to finish my Ruby on rails learning. i will release it soon!

  • Ian

    hey love your podcasts. btw do you guys happen to listen to a podcast named macbreak weekly? because they have an episode on sproutcore too!

  • NTT

    @wenhan You can find more stuff about us at http://www.tech65.org/the-crew/, but it’s just a static page, and we need to update it with more information. Thanks for reminding us.

    You project seems pretty interesting. Do let us know your progress and when you release it, we’d surely love to talk about it on 65Bits..


    Ofcourse, we love Macbreak Weekly.. Leo Laporte and the gang FTW!!.. That’s where I got most of my information about sproutcore from.. 🙂

  • WHOA. Many comments this week! Thanks for listening guys!

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