65Bits Episode 75 : Firefox 2 is dead! Long Live Firefox 3!

This week, we begin with more iPhone news, and a startling new invention given to us by the fine folks down @ Apple. We also find that people’ve come up with ways to wriggle their way out of His Steveness’ grasp. Dell has also decided to take on both Apple and Asus/MSI/Acer all at once and we’re worried for the future of humanity for Skynet is here. We must protect Sarah and John Connor. By the by, make sure y’all download Opera9.5 Firefox 3 this Tuesday! Help set the world record for most downloads in a day!

Ryu and Joe Hayabusa!

Stories this Week :

[1:20]More iPhone Talk.

[3:55]Apple Introduces iPhone 3G Videoconferencing Kit, ZOMG!

[4:28]EFiX: OSx86 with a twist.

[7:23]Dell E and E Slim revealed, taking on Eee and Air in one fell swoop.

[10:05]Yahoo ends all talks with Microsoft, shares plunge.

[12:55]Britain Launches Final Real-Life Skynet Satellite.

[14:30]Opera 9.5 Brings Speed and Syncing to the Browser

[16:39]Google Browser Sync To Be Discontinued

[18:40]Byte of the Week : Firefox 3 to Drop on Tuesday

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