65Bits Episode 74: Netbooks galore

Computex brings us a world full of Netbooks, Tiny Ass Notebooks (TABs), promised to deliver a convenient mobile experience like no other. And, to get everything in perspective, we bring on the explorer extraordinaire and gadget guru, Preetam Rai himself. We also look at Plurk, the supposed Twitter Clone (or Killer), and follow up on the @%$!#$@ VueStar Patent case. A quick look at the new HTC Touch Pro, which is basically a Diamond with keys, and Penzu, the web2.0 Notepad application. And a final reminder to watch out for his Steveness’s Keynote on Monday night SGT.

– NTT, Daniel and our awesome Guests Preetam Rai and Hisham

Stories This Week :

[1:45]NetBooks at Computex :

Acer’s Aspire One (8.9″)
MSI Wind (8.9″)
Gigabyte M912 (convertible tablet)
AMD enters netbook game
Ubuntu’s going netbook too.
Nvidia’s GPU for laptops

[12:15]Plurk.. The new Twitter?

[17:55]HTC Touch Pro launched.

[20:50]VueStar Patent : An official reply from IPOS

[23:13]Byte of the Week : Penzu.

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