65Bits Episode 73: Goodbye Farinelli

This week we discover the joys of having an ethernet switchbox bring gigabit ethernet right to your room, instead of creating tons of hazards by running wires all over the house.

Ok no, this is “WTF is Wrong with the Net” week. On our very own island, VueStar claims the most ridiculous patent yet, and on the other side of the world, automated crusaders cause trouble for everyone’s favorite vidcast production house with a positive DDoS and then deny it. Some deeper discussion about how Nokia is considering using Linux as a cellphone platform, followed by a distinctly more comprehensible rant on “the new MP3 standard” my fat Farinelli a*se. Joy o joy at news of Dell’s foray into the netbook scene with the Mini-Inspiron, before going into our byte of the week, the dropbox-like Windows Live Skydrive.

Stories this Week

[4:10]Singapore Firm Claims Patent Breach By Virtually All Websites.

[9:00]Revision3 under attack.

[17:30]Linux May Power New Nokia Phones

[23:10]New MP3 Revolutionizes Way You Listen to Music.

[28:35]Dell’s “mini-Inspiron” Eee PC killer revealed.

[37:22]Byte of the Week. Windows Live SkyDrive

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