65 Bits Episode 72 : Penguin Killers

As we look closely at the mating rituals of the Emperor penguin, we notice a delicate pose, a.. HEY! what the. It just dropped dead… Someone must’ve said. DON’T WAIT… Lie-Nux. NO!!!! WHY GOD! WHY!!!!!

This week’s stories include a sober warning to students out there who need to protect themselves from the dangers of identity theft, a slight blockage in certain tubes, a NEW way to consume television on your cellphone and its NOT DVB-H, and a brand new way to ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!

It’s a great episode so stick around! Also, We got the ROCK!
Pedra, Branca and the South Ledge (Coz we want that other rock.. its useless but dang it we want it)

Stories this Week:


[4:31]S’pore students putting their identities at risk?

[9:11]StarHub ‘blocking file-share program’ aka BitTorrent

[14:40]SingTel launches mio TV on Mobile

[21:00]HTC Touch Diamond launches in Singapore

[25:55]Asus to embed Linux into all motherboards

[28:05]MS Office to support outside open formats

[30.34]Guitar Hero World Tour

[33:00]Byte of The Week: Google Browser Sync

  • yin

    at first i thought it was a spoof of rockband. the ‘gameplay’ still looks a lil dodgy. can’t wait for it still tho!

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