65bits Episode 71: Apple puts the I in SIA

In this week’s sum up of the eternal chess game between Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft is definitely overwhelmed with only the king, queen, two bishops, and a castle left, surrounded by just about the entire back row of Apple’s white pieces. Apple’s cornered the royal couple, but Microsoft turned the tables… well turned the stool around by moving the bishops smack in front, segregating the XP market from the Vista market. Fantastic move in delaying Apple’s deadly advances. In addition one of Apple’s pawns seem to have gone off his route, possibly dropping valuable hints on the successors of Apple’s queen. Both castles advancing at full speed ahead with confirmations of the iPhone in Asia in H2. Black-square knight is still negotiating with Singapore’s favorite Big Fat Green carrier, so the BFG says. White-square knight made a surprise hard right putting Apple’s eternal I into Singapore’s favorite kebaya-clad carrier (nobles only please).

To find out what the hell all of that meant, listen to this week’s episode of 65bits, brought to you by our enthusiastic listeners. Yup, including you.

Daniel the King, Jerrick the Queen, and Farinelli the Black-square PR Bishop

Microsoft’s XP for low-cost PCs defines some boundaries

Intel Exec: 2 iPhones at WWDC, larger one with Atom processor [updated]

SingTel.com – News Release

Singtel, others announce iPhone carrier deals

Singapore Airlines now let’s you connect your iPod and iPhone

BotW: random.org/dice, where we rolled a single virtual die (thanks Jian) to decide the winner of our Easysafe giveaway lucky draw. Congratulations to comment number 4 by Han Yang, you’ve won it!

  • DIE, TECH65, DIE!

    You said “dices”.

    Jeez, even the random.org page reminds us “The word ‘die’ is singular and ‘dice’ is plural”.

    Anyway, wow, 20 minutes. *impressed*

  • Oh my. That totally slipped past me.

    Rectified. 😛

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