65Bits Episode 70 : Just the two of Us

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This week’s episode with only two men and no booze, comes with much news, such as that of Microsoft losing interest in its hot fling, Yahoo. Expensive and yet totally desirable tech from Lenovo, HTC and Apple shows up on our desks and we cannot help but drool all over our keyboards. We are also in awe of Robots and Local researchers that bring us good tidings. Tis a great time to be alive, and geeking out before we die of too much American junk food.

Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic.

Stories this Week :

Microsoft Withdraws Its Bid for Yahoo – New York Times

Final specifications for Lenovo’s IdeaPad U110 revealed – Engadget

HTC Touch Diamond – Engadget

10 More Countries to get the iPhone – Gizmodo

Creative could pay class-action settlement over exaggerated MP3 capacities – Engadget

Singapore researchers removed the last obstacle on the OLED way | TheTopBlog

Bentley Unveils Electric Greenpower

Byte of The Week : LogMeIn

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  • The X300 is quite a good piece of work. Yes I have a bias for ThinkPad.

    I can work with ThinkPad in the dark, i still cannot find the LED light function in any other laptop. It is such a useful feature, having under-litted keypad makes it viewable, however unless you are a season touch typist, you will have to see where you type.

    The ThinkPad X300, as shown on various sites do cater for additional battery capacity. This normally is the case where you take out the cd-rom drive and put in an additional battery. True to ThinkPad fashion, you can also later purchase an extended battery, which elevates the laptop up. Combined with the additional cd-rom drive slot, it may provide around 9 to 11 hours of battery life.

    That will cost me $12 bucks at Starbucks for 3 drinks and two trips to the loo!

    🙂 – this qualify me for EasySafe yes? who knows people will steal laptop when i go loo?

    an X300 is worth more than an AirBook. 🙂

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