65Bits Episode 69: The One with the Pingfather

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the Pingfather, Don Uzyeone.

Don Uzyeone, we are honored and grateful to have you come down to our humble fiesta. We thank you for sharing your infinitely wise insights about Windows, Dell and Microsoft’s huge wrestling match, the latest Ubuntu, and a totally strange way of telling time. Ladies and gentlemen you listen and listen good to him, capische?

Because he’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Don Daniello, Signore Tuppo e Maestro Uzino

Stories This Week :

Psystar Open Computer notes, benchmarks and video

Windows XP SP3 Officially Delayed

Dell and Microsoft’s big shoving match- XP preinstalls

Ubuntu 8.04 Released

Adobe Opens the FLV and SWF Formats

XBOX 360 Lowers Prices in SG

Speedier iMacs available

More 3G iPhone rumors?

Hans Tan’s LED clock spells out time in text.

Byte of The Week : LogMeIn

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El Contesto – the offer you can’t refuse!
Want to stand a chance to win the two-key package from Easysafe? Simply make any comment right below, and you’re automatically entered. Hurry! It’s your last chance this episode!

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  • Surprised to hear Uzyn’s issue with Firefox on the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron live CD. I tried it out at least 3 times on 3 different computers and didn’t have any issues with Firefox. Strange…

  • @TheWheat I think I’ve found out the problem. I believed when you launched Ubuntu/Firefox from liveCD the first time, it would ask for your permission to create a temp dir in memery, which I think I accidentally clicked No without realizing it. (Was probably talking when I did that)

    When I tried it at home later that evening I was able to use Firefox fine using a LiveCD.

  • hochu vodki!

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