65Bits Episode 68: A Feminine Ring

This week we have a special guest joining us, Nicole. She brings a feminine touch to an otherwise brutish and boorish show. We begin with a story of intrigue and mystery, something that even Hollywood could not imagine. A feisty little start up, Psystar is standing up to Apple, and SURPRISE it does exist and is actually shipping! We also talk about Samsung and their recently launched new phones, without leaving out the LURVE for our pals @ Nokia. As men we cannot help but be fascinated with speed and precision, and alas our wishes are granted with WD’s new Velociraptor Hard Drive.

Your Latin Lovers,
Julio, Francisco, Daniel, and Nicoletta.

Psystar’s Corporate Home

Samsung Mobile Phone Roadshow 2008

Nokia outs HSDPA 5320 and 5220 XpressMusic candybars

Dell Unveils Tiny Bamboo-cased Eco Computer

Fastest Hard Drive Ever

Windows XP SP3 RTM

Facebook Chat

BotW: Piclens

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