65Bits Episode 67: FOR HONOUR! FOR GLORY!

Those of you out there who still’ve been unable to access our site, we encourage you to blog up! and Blog OUT! Your words, those keystrokes, will be put to great use, for it will honour us greatly! Onto more pressing issues. Those honourable ones who will listen to those words that’ve been prophesied, that there will be one who shall challenge the gods, the mighty Steveness, the God-King of all Techdom, he whose wrath has been that of legend and disaster. We also speak of a tiny laptop, which has had many improvements made upon it, by the blacksmiths and potters of ASUS, it has now a greater screen of which to show us more, Windows has been added to make it a temptation upon your money-sack and now we can be sure that you shall be able to be Rock Solid, Heart Touching. Our sponsors GadgetTrak, and Easysafe are also those who would protect from from the evils of stolen data, of lost privacy, they will keep you safe and allow you to remain protected in your time of crisis.

With Great Strength
King Danielias, Councilman Farinelli, Commodore Jerrick and Praetor Kai Yi

Psystar’s OpenMac Apple Clone is Close to a Cease & Desist Letter

Mac Clone Maker Psystar Vows to Challenge Apple EULA

Psystar says rumors of its demise highly exaggerated, still selling Open Computers

OSx86 Project not too happy with Psystar either

Psystar Expose: Looks Like A Hoax

Windows Mobile 6.1 Official, new version of IE Mobile gets H.264, Flash

IN DEPTH: Official Eee PC with XP

Eee PC 900 to launch in Singapore on…

Microsoft Accomodating Eee with Lightweight XP

BotW: PortableApps.com


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Participate in our lucky draw and stand a chance to win a unit of EasySafe, your unique key to data security. Comment right below and indicate that you would like to participate in the draw, and you’re in!

  • That judgement, rendered by the Court of Appeals for the Ninth District in the case of DigiDyne Corp. Vs. Data General ( 734 F.2d 1336 (9th circuit, 1984)) “held that Data General’s refusal to license its copyrighted computer software to those who did not purchase its hardware was an unlawful tying arrangement” and this was not over-turned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    An example of how Psystar or anyone else for that matter, could win.

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