65Bits Episode 66: Sprawled Out Naked on the Carpet, Macbook Pics.

This week, Love is in the air, with the bounties that the various tech leviathans have bestowed upon us: Videos on Flickr, Google’s app engine for FREE computing, The amazing little beauty that is HP’s Mini-Note, and of course more iPhone rumours. We also shower love and beg for the swift return of Streetdirectory.com, for without which we are simply lost in the wilderness of Singapore’s urbanity. With all this love floating around, we’re sure you guys will want to feel safe whilst practicing all this free loving, and such safety comes easily with Gadget Track, software that you can use to track your PC down, when you lose your laptop all you have to do is activate it and the programme will try to phone home. You may also want to keep all those naughty, naked, sprawled out on that carpet pictures of your Macbook safe, with EasySafe. Which is simply a key to all your sensitive files.

With Love and Adoration
Farinelli, That guy you checked out last night, asked for his twitter, gmail, FB, Myspace etc. etc., and realised that he’s too hot for you anyway
NTT, that guy who checked you out last night, and you felt a familiar stirring in your… Thinkpad
Jerrick, You just want him coz he’s that extra special 65th bit
Kai-Yi, You know you want a guy who drives a Lamborghini in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Stories this episode :

Flickr Adds Video Capabilities to ServiceNO Video on Flickr Petition.

Google App Engine

HP Mini-Note 2133 announced – and previewed in Singapore

Australia to get 3g iPhone unlocked. Singapore implications?

Virtual Map shuts down Streetdirectory.com site after losing suit.

Byte of the Week: YouSwop


If you are interested in getting GadgetTrack for Windows, you can email sales{at}bak2u.com with the promo code “Tech65″, and you will get an year’s subscription of GadgetTrack for Windows at S$47, instead of the usual S$59.90. Let us help you to keep your computer safe, and you can help us back as well.

EasySafe, your unique key to security.
Easy Safe is an encryption solution that, unlike most other solutions, uses a 2-level security to protect your files: A high level hardware security using a physical key combined with a PIN protection. With Easy Safe, you can protect all your files including documents, photos, videos, application softwares and more from others viewing them. With easy Safe, you can have a peace of mind about the confidential information in Your notebook, desktop, portable hard disk or USB flash drive even if you lose them.

Visit www.fastnsafe.com for more information!

To enter the EasySafe contest, add a comment to this post, saying that you want to join the contest. Please use with a valid email address. You stand a chance to win a set of EasySafe Security Keys worth $99. Contest is valid for THIS post until Sunday 20th April. Multiple entries will not be counted.

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