65Bits' Episode 65 : Yea, Repeating Numbers are Sexy!

Our 65th episode was EVEN BIGGER and BETTER than our 50th episode, and of course Sexier. We had early morning champagne, courtesy of the fabulous host of Geek Terminal, Danny! In this episode, we get fooled-ish by certain April Fools from all fronts, we feel foolish in somehow believing that Vista’s SP1 would really fix everything, but are buoyed by the 2nd Anniversary bash thrown by Microsoft for the Xbox 360! Ultimately, we did have an amazing time geeking out to the sounds of our collective geekdom and welcome all to join us next episode. This episode was brought to you by Gadget Track and Easy Safe, Solutions for keeping your data and computers safe!

Stories this Week:

1. April Fools Panks on the Interweb.

Engadget vs T-Mobile (Apparently not a joke. More on that tomorrow.)

Tauren Marine
Pinata Loot
Bard Class Hero in WoW

Ping.sg’s “Whose pong is it anyway” game.

NTT’s Blog


iPhone Dev Team quits.

2. Unlimited Tunes from Apple? Not So Fast
Rumors of a new music service appear to be just that

3. Vista Issues
Early adopter’s issues.
Nvidia driver issues.

4. Creative to sell company HQ for $180m
Creative will sell HQ building and rent it back to save $$

5. Creative Goes After Driver Modder
Creative stops distribution of home grown vista driver.
Driver author responds.

6. Eeee PC Updates: New models and SDK
New 9″ Eee PC wth touchscreen?
Eee PC SDK out soon.

7. Fari and Jerrick’s Experience at M$’s Xbox 360 Event.
Check out that Riff!!!

8. Byte of the Week : Adobe Photoshop Express
Photoshop on the Web!


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