65Bits Episode 63: Farinelli does events.

-play Star Wars theme-

65bits Episode 63
Return of the Stig

As the Podcast approaches the 65th week of its reign, Lord Farinelli finds himself flooded with events, which he faithfully attends under Emperor NTTine’s orders, dominating all with his superior camwhoring skills. As Senator Jerrick battles to prevent punctuality from becoming a law punishable by blaster squad, he dispatches an urgent request to Jedi M. Dan for help, who returns the dispatch with his young apprentice, feared in the lightsaber-wielding community as…

The Stig.

Stories this week :

LG KS20 launch in Singapore

Creative inPerson Demo event in Singapore

Creative EP-830 Earphones – In-ear design with noise-isolation capability

Crack a Mac with Firewire

Pirates crack Vista at last

Land Rover LRX unveiled

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