65Bits Episode 62: The One With Tonnes of Opening Takes

As the wind blows, so goes the time, and we have finally arrived at such time that the great one, His Steveness, has deigned to provide us with an SDK we can use for the iPhone. We are also filled with a pleasant sensation that Apple has also decided to provide us Asians with the ability to print books, calendars and various other miscellany with the iPhoto printing program. We are also given a sense of general serenity that our computers will now be protected and saved with the coming of the program GadgetTrack for Windows, a piece of software that if used, will broadcast information of the location your stolen/misplaced computer, the next time someone tries to use it. Its easy, painless, and gives you the peace and serenity to remember that we are only human but technology can help save our delicate heinies.

With great positive energy flows,
Jerrick the Shaman, NTT the Druid, Farinelli the Serene, Bernard the Wise and Tim the Wondering Traveler

Stories this week :

Apple Announces iPhone 2.0 Software

Apple announces the iPhone SDK!.
You can get the SDK here, and find out more about it here.

The iFund announcement.

Facebook Garage II in Singapore.
The Facebook Apps that were demoed:
Prosperity Garden;

Apple launches photo printing service here in Singapore

ITShow Singapore 2008

ASUS’ 9-inch Eee PC lives.

GadgetTrack! If you are interested in getting GadgetTrack for Windows, you can email sales{at}bak2u.com with the promo code “Tech65”, and you will get an year’s subscription of GadgetTrack for Windows at S$47, instead of the usual S$59.90. Let us help you to keep your computer safe, and you can help us back as well.

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