65Bits Episode 61: Our very own Cranky Geeks

Hey, welcome to another exciting adventure with the Cranky Geeks. I am you host NTT Dvorak, and we’ve got a great show lined up for you this week. Let’s start by introducing the Cranks.. Starting with Farinelli Rupley, the co-crank, editor for “Discuss the Net”, and more.. On his right is the Apple Fanboi, Michael Cheng Mathews, the lazy serial entrepreneur and someone who works with WIMPs.. And on Farinelli’s left we have Daniel Lee, managing editor of Tech65 and Eucharis and an ardent supporter of the PCG (Prevention of Cruelty to Gadgets) movement..

Lets start with the story, “Encryption has been Hacked!”…

(The above was a parody of The Cranky Geek Episode 105. Tech65 doesn’t mean to plagiarize or infringe on any copyrights, but treats this as a tribute to the great videocast produced by PCMag.)

Stories this week :

Researchers find way to sidestep computer disk encryption

Nokia forced to cough up more than $1,000 over faulty phone

Ubuntu Mobile

The Apple launches new MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

iPhone/iPod SDK: Apple to approve, distribute apps, limit add-ons

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