65Bits Episode 59: Change Our Phones Can Believe In

And I say, We can and We are ready and We are entitled to a world where the lines between a cellular phone, a camera, and a PDA are blurred. And yes, we can move on from the bricks, from the tyranny of bulging pockets and from the unsightly angles. We have come together, and we realise that our sights were not set too high. That updates can and will arrive and they will improve our lives.That we can one day say: I am a Windows Vista user without the cries of derision, that we can one day, Mac User in hand with Windows User, reach across partisan lines, to solve the problems of yesterday, to soothe the anger today, and to bring the change our phones, our cameras, our operating systems and our Televisions can believe in. I thank you And I am confident that we as one community will indeed make use of all forums provided and let our voices be heard.

(R-California) Daniel Tsou, 2 Term Congressman for the 8th Congressional District of California
(L-New Hampshire) Jerrick Lim, Freshman Senator for Nashua, New Hampshire
(D-Pennsylvania) NTT, First Term Congressman for the 2nd Congressional District of Pennsylvania

Stories This Week :

Mobile World Congress roundup
– Nokia New Launches: N96,6210, 6220, Maps 2.0, N78
Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1 QWERTY with Windows Mobile and HSUPA

The iPod Touch Apple TV in Singapore

Mac OS X 10.5.2

Windows Vista SP1

Ubisoft sets up in Singapore

Ping.sg v1.80 is Here: More Community Features

– Email info@interesthink.com

Btye Of The Week: JoikuSpot

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