Make your iPod Touch TRULY mobile with JoikuSpot

One thing I love about the iPhone and the iPod Touch is the web browser. The thing is it’s not practical to have an iPhone in Singapore, what with the cracking and the difficulty in finding it (thanks to Apple Singapore, we’re probably the only Asian country where imported iPhones isn’t easily found in stores). Even if you do own an iPhone here, the iPhone’s internet speeds via GPRS is ridiculously slow. So in the mean time, there’s a solution to that. All you need is a Nokia Series 60 3G phone with WiFi (any new model from the past year or so) and an iPod Touch.

The guys over at created this really ingenious app that I’ve been waiting for someone to make. An application that turns your phone’s inbuilt WiFi into a WiFi hotspot! Simply download the application, run the program, tell it to connect from your 3G connection, and that’s it! You’ve got yourself a mobile WiFi Hotspot!

Now all you have to do is take your iPod Touch and connect it to that connection and you can surf the Internet using the iPod Touch’s mobile Safari browser and surf some real Internet on the go! Not to mention access to that giant library of Web-based apps for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

There are some limitations with the program, which you can read about on their download page. The biggest one, however, is the fact that you cannot rename the SSID of your newly created WiFi Hotspot (it will be called “JoikuSpot”) and the Hotspot is not secured. Meaning ANYONE can use that same hotspot. So unless you have a lot of data (which isn’t difficult to get thanks to today’s cheap mobile broadband plans with insanely loads of data per month), the JoikuSpot isn’t for you.

That said, I hope this helps you make your iPod Touch experience more mobile!

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  • h2dude

    Does joikuspot allow cydia access?

    • Joikuspot basically allows you to access the internet using your WiFi enabled phone. I’m not sure if cydia will connect successfully through JoikuSpot though, although it’s been over a year since we tested joikuspot, many things have changed.

  • What’s up

  • Kalash

    is it available fr iphone oe itouch

  • leemacf

    hi umm can i get internet on my ipodtouch the 2 version

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