65Bits Episode 53: The podcast that wasn't...

Greetings Listeners

Thanks to a slight technical glitch, and a Macbook which crashed (we like doing that here at Tech65). We lost all of the recordings for this weeks episode of 65Bits. Fortunately, we managed to salvage the pre-show recording. So, if you ever wanted to know what happens before we record 65Bits, here is your chance to find out. Brought to you from the sub-zero Pacific Coffee Company at the Red Dot Traffic.

– Zoned out Dan, Sleepy NTT, Jetlagged Fari

Stories (we should have covered) this week :

Intel introduces tiny flash drive for mobile devices

Apple to adopt Intel’s ultra-mobile PC platform

Air France first to launch in flight mobile phone service

Wateen Announces WiMAX Tariffs

S’pore offers $750m grants to build high-speed broadband network

Unlocked iPhones sold by Orange not ‘country locked’

今日头条~NOKIA N96!!!

Creative to debut a Wi-Fi Video Phone at CES 2008

Google Encyclopedia

Byte of the week : Hands on with the new online version of OpenOffice.org

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