Channel65 : Creative Aurvana X-Fi.

A few weeks months back, the Tech65 crew got their grubby paws on a pair of Creative Technologies latest and greatest headphone.. The Aurvana X-Fis

The resident pseudo-audiophiles (aka. NTT and Farinelli) went completely crazy, and ended up doing a detailed 15mins long review of it.

  • calvin

    this ntt is damn irritating, he just kept cutting into what the other has to say and kept asking questions he answered himself. POOR!

  • NTT


    Thanks for the feedback. We will try to work on it.. 🙂

  • This is just a sidenote as a X-fi soundcard owner though… i always turn off CMSS3D when I am watching a movie because original sound quality of the movie is what it counts 🙂 (esp when u are watching a movie that sports 5.1)

    it is only when u are watching some old movies or sounds with low bitrates, this features will definitely be a positive enhancement. 🙂

    Gaming wise, try playing games that supports X-fi soundcard officially. (e.g Battlefield2, Battlefield 2142. turn on the X-fi Ultra high quality in-game option). plugin this hot headphones and hear the bullets whizzling pass you.

    anyway…i enjoyed this videocast. it’s enjoyable. 😀

  • Thanks oOgA. Love your ani-blog! 😀

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