65Bits Episode 51 : And then there were... THREE!

This week with the lack of our reasonable and moderating voices, we are forced to make do with the three Technors. With their stunning lack of musical craft, they have no choice but to provide Tech news. In this week’s top stories, we see JetBlue coming up with a semi crippled form of WiFi web surfing, we see our Malaysian friends up north coming up with a new cheap and efficient touchscreened PC. We also see Apple’s lawyers let loose in Singapore over the iPhone. Does this mean the end of Grey Market Sales?

Stories this Week :

JetBlue introduces free in-flight email, IM

Google Maps with My Location (beta)

SingTel to end free dial-up Internet in 2008

Malaysia’s Makcik PC

Facebook Retreats on Online Tracking

Thomson and the Singapore Government Partner to Establish Digital Cinema Hub and Network Operations Center

Apple halts unauthorized iPhone sales in Singapore

  • Makcik PC? Translated, that will be ‘Auntie PC’

    An odd choice for a name

  • Maybe its for the average Aunty? So easy to use that even your village makcik would want one?

  • ARGH! I look like daniel! What happened to my face… My beautiful FACE!!

  • NTT


    Don’t worry man… Just clear your browser cache.. 😛

NTT is our Indian podcaster *Tech65 is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome people of all creeds, orientations, Operating Systems* NTT brings with him a knowledge of things Podcast, and things Tech and once in a while even gives us free publicity with which we are immensely grateful for! NTT also brings to this podcast facial hair, which our Chinese podcasters are sorely lacking in. Email NTT at: ntt at tech65 dot org or visit his blog
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