65Bits Episode 50 : The Golden Jubliee of the Most Honourable and Noble Order of the Guild of TechiusLXV

With a sense of occasion, a slice of pie and the sweet sounds of hard drilling against Marble, (Ed: Fari, get your head out of the gutter), we usher in a new era. The era of actually having an audience! Yes that’s right, guys and girls, Tech65 is busting out, in a rather large way! But first this week’s stories, we look at Singtel’s 50 gigabyte mobile surfing plan (Ed: Coincidence, I think not), we correct some mistakes made, we appreciate truly Open DRM-less Internationally available music, and think of a future where batteries are shaken to confirm their contents. A new era indeed, one where the sun shines brighter and banana cream pie is the dessert du jour, tout le jour.

Danielus the Brave, VM,TF,GMR,CC,DMC,BA,MBA,DDS
Jerrick the Excited, who split coffee on himself at the Battle of Coxworthingtonshire
Farinella the Fair, Lady in Waiting
NTT the Regal, Whose deep resonating tones brought victory to his local cricket team
KaiYi the Ancient, For he is the youngest among us all.

And the Valiant knights who helped us in this noble quest..:

Bernard Leong
Mic Cheng
Hei Man

Stories this week:


Singtel upgrades 10GB mobile broadband plans to 50GB for free.

Singtel WiMax Trails

We made Boo-boos about the Kindle on the last Episode.

TRUE! Open DRM free tracks, but only for classical music.

Cell phone college class opens in Japan

Cellphone’s slosh and rattle reveal its contents

OMG Crysis!!!

Byte of the Week: Mippin

NTT is our Indian podcaster *Tech65 is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome people of all creeds, orientations, Operating Systems* NTT brings with him a knowledge of things Podcast, and things Tech and once in a while even gives us free publicity with which we are immensely grateful for! NTT also brings to this podcast facial hair, which our Chinese podcasters are sorely lacking in. Email NTT at: ntt at tech65 dot org or visit his blog
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