Channel65 Ep13: Creative GigaWorks HD50 Review

In this aurally pleasing episode of Channel65, Farinelli and Jerrick discuss Creative’s latest speaker offering, the GigaWorks HD50 micro desktop speakers. Smaller than your palm, these speakers promise to blow you away with warm encompassing mids and razor sharp highs.

 But what about bass?

EDIT: Check out our earlier blog post for detailed features of the HD50 at

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  • Thanks for this review but you forgot to show which kind of connectivity they have.
    Line-in? Headphones?
    Bass or Tremble knobs control?

    looking forward to have a reply thx.

  • Thank you for your question! I thought I remembered mentioning all these, but never mind.

    Due to its size (remember, palm-sized), there is no treble/bass control, neither are there any headphone outs or line ins, only the essential audio in jack. I think the engineers have tried their best to do all those with the hardware inside (amplifiers et al.). There is, however, a jack for the optional accessory of the Xdock, the x-Fi-enabled iPod dock.

    Hope that answers. 🙂

  • Tony

    Great review!

    How is this speaker system compared to the creative T20 speaker system?

  • Wow, it was quite some time ago since I briefly heard the T20. I can’t say too much because I’ve forgotten how the T20 sounds like, but what I can say about the HD50 is that it concentrates alot on producing accurate midtones. This is something that is not easily achieved in alot of speaker systems; most of them will crackle under the pressure of midtone frequencies.

  • Elmer

    Since Creative designed this as somehow a portable system, is this system autovolt?
    Ever thought of having a Bose Music Monitor and Creative GigaWorks HD50 showdown?

  • Actually, they weren’t designed to be a portable system, rather they were designed to be small and take up as little space as possible in a room, yet still produce what they claim to be a “big sound”. I believe by auto-volt you mean an international transformer that supports both 110v and 240v?

    As for the showdown, we’ll need to get our hands on the Bose Music Monitor first… 😛

  • Brandon

    Awesome review. I just have one question; would the HD50 be better than a T40 when gaming?

    • Thanks for checking out our website. When it comes down to it, the question is what are you looking for. The HD50s are small and pump out really good sound for speakers their size, but they are afterall’s said and done, they do not have the type of woofers and tweeters that the T40 has. If you can spare the space and don’t mind the slightly more industrial look then I suggest the T40. If design/style and size is a MAJOR factor in your considerations, the HD50s make a really good choice. Also a factor that you should consider is price. The HD50s may cost a bit more than the T40s at current market rates. Consider these issues before you go out and buy. Either speakers provide a really great experience, and I’m sure you’ll make the right decision when it comes down to it 😉

  • pretol

    Interesting review. What kind of DC voltage do these take? Or, what’s the output of the DC transformer? I’m trying to see if I can use these with a 12VDC system (camping).

  • CresX

    i really wonder how the HD50 performs against the Bose Music Monitor,.. im planning to buy an HD50 if (i have seen one in a store),. my brother have a Bose Music Monitor and it sounds perfect,.. its loud but cant reach the loud booms at full volume,.. i really want to know..

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