Channel65 Ep12: GadgetTrak

Rapidly up-and-coming anti-theft software website recently gave us a few credits to try out GadgetTrak, their anti-theft software for everyday products from simple USB thumb drives to iPods. Here we show you the whole process, from registration to recovery.

  • DK

    With the IP address, you can lodge a police report and get back you device. Right?

  • NTT

    I don’t think you need the IP address to lodge the poilce report.

    But with the police report, and the IP and the time, you can ask the ISP in question to do a reverse lookup to figure out who has your device…

  • I think if you have concrete evidence, you don’t need IPs, they’ll look it up for you. In fact, having an IP address on hand would be rather suspicious. Like, how did you get that?

  • Thank you very much guys!


  • DK

    Fari: Suspicious? No mah. If the police ask, just say “You never heard of GadgetTrak meh?” lol.

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