65Bits Episode 47: We are all high on caffeine..

As a result of a minor technical difficulty, the Tech65 crew was forced, kicking and screaming to the Starbucks around the corner, which we hate, we don’t like it, (Ed: Please don’t banish us O Mighty GT Ones). While the true cause of the Glitch is still unknowable to us low and unworthy younglings, We were forced to accept the alternative Starbucks coffee, leading to temporary Fastspeakitis, and Huge amounts of ADD, Hyperactivity and general Wierdness from the Crew.

And thus this wonderfully hyper episode of Tech65, talks about, Google’s new Andriod and the OHA; Hardware updates for PS2 and Software updates for PS3; New phones and modems from Sony Ericsson; O2 and HP shutting down divisions; EA giving free SimCity to OLPC owners; Singaporeans can surf the internet on Buses; Fedora 8; Windows Live Calender; and IrfanView, the one stop shop for opening all images…. you name it, we open it…

Google’s Android platform and the Open Handset Alliance: a quick round-up

Sony’s PS2 updated with integrated power supply, no price cut

Sony updates PS3 Software

New phones from Sony Ericsson

MD300 Mobile Broadband USB Modem

O2 Europe drops Asia device unit

HP Eliminating Camera Unit.

EA Giving SimCity to owners of the OLPC.

Now you can surf the Net on a SBSTransit bus

Fedora 8 is released.

Windows Live: Windows Live Calendar Launched in Public Beta

Btye of the Week: IrfanView

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