65Bits Episode 46: The Openly Cheem Episode

This week’s super cheem episode of 65bits is brought to you by… why Tech65 of course!!! And, the lack of audience…

This week in 65Bits, we discuss A phone-wallet, smaller and faster chips from Chipzilla, a new cheap high-end graphics cards from nVidia, new Macbooks (yay!!! for NTT), instant iPhone noodles… I mean Hacks, an Open MSN Live Messanger i.e. like how a pistachio is open, Opensocial by Google, More iTunes alternatives (again??).. and Dan and NTT crashing a party!!! (A First and A Last)

Oh and a certain furry big cat, which has been prowling round these days… Waiting for an unsuspecting Windows to feast on.

Stories for this week :

Leopard 1st Impressions.

Slashdot anniversary party

Using phones to pay for bus rides in Singapore

USB 3.0 Is Coming

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (penryn)

Apple Updates MacBooks to Santa Rosa, GMA X3100

Reinventing the G80 – the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB

MSN Live Messenger 9

Google rolls out GMail 2.0

Google launches Opensocial

Instant Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod touch

Creative ZEN Firmware 1.10.05 Now Available

Byte of the Week: Floola

  • DK

    But your recording is at 10am on a Saturday morning leh. Very hard to wake up so early on Saturday morning. Would be easier for me to wake up early if there is a pretty gal hosting the show. But sad to say, there isn’t any. 😛

  • Another awesome episode 🙂

    Yeah, like DK says, when is there gonna be a female co-host huh?

  • hm

    hehs dan. can’t help laughing at this. 😛

  • NTT

    Thanks DK and rinaz.

    We record in the morning because it’s quiet and empty.. Also gives us enough time to publish it by Sunday, which is our aim..

    But pointed noted. We do need someone of the fairer sex to join the team.. It will indeed give the show another dimension. But who?? Anyone wants to join?

  • Aiyah guys we find one Saturday or Sunday record at 1pm la. Still too late then we can give up on having an audience. 😛

  • 1PM!? i can’t! I’ll miss my french class! How about 12?

    and yes I am completely in favor of a female member joining the team. it would bring something brand spanking new to the show, not to mention a whole new timbre of voice to the show. Heehe, what about havin fari talk for an entire episode in a high pitched voice?

  • NTT

    “Farinelli talking in high pitched voice for the entire episode”.. aka Farinella…

    I think we will do this for now.. 🙂

  • Well seeing how in that mode, I tend to launch into operatic numbers with notes that I can never hit, that probably isn’t a good idea.

  • Yea… think about NTT’s Zoom H4! Don’t wanna break it, do we now?

  • NTT

    Oh yea.. and the glass back wall of GT too… OK. Agreed.. We’ll skip that part..

    So back to finding someone of the fairer sex to join the team.. Anyone interested?

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