65Bits Episode 45: The One with the Meaning of Life

This episode is proudly brought to you with the courtesy of 42. Plus 3. We discuss the arrival of location based advertising, the wonderfully spamminess of it all, Microsoft launching new Zunes and also conceding to the EU saying UNCLE UNCLE, or ONCLE ONCLE! At the same time rubbing it in Hollywood’s face that Halo’s whupped their butts. For a week or so. We also see the launch of a phone that comes with optical zoom. Why, Mr Bond! Is that a camera lens sticking outta your pocket, or are you just happy to see me. Tarra from us all here at Tech65!

Stories this week :

Location Based Ads Now In Singapore

WiMax is now Offically Part of the 3G Standard

WiMax is now Offically Part of the 3G Standard

Microsoft’s Zune 2 is coming November

Microsoft says NYAH NYAH to Hollywood

Qualcomm makes the world a smaller place with GPS and Global Mobile Internet on a Chip

New Xbox 360 Arcade Replacing Core, Sucks 1000 times less

New Optical Zoom 5 Megapixel Samsung Camera

Sansa’s new portable Television solution, with no conversion required.

Byte of the Week :Blinkx

It has long been said that no good deed goes unpunished, and Daniel must have been really good in his last life, because he is now inflicted with having to manage our former International Correspondent, Jerrick Lim. On his way to a career in the law, Jerrick has spent some time in the United Kingdom, giving him an appreciation of such delights as Rhubarb, Pimm's and cold grey weather. Jerrick deals with many aspects of technology, but favours such aspects as Aviation, Portable Devices, and Automobiles. He also fancies himself a gamer but has not finished a game proper in a long time. Email Jerrick at: jerrick at tech65 dot org or visit his personal blog
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