65Bits Episode 44: The one with the Leotards

Once again the Tech65 crew gather at the lovely Geek Terminal for this exciting new eipsode of 65Bits. This week, they talk about the coming of the new Big Cat, some smart and dumb decisions by music companies, jailbreaks, fruit-salads, the feelin of mutual love between Apple and Nokia, and much much more… Keep listening to 65Bits, Singapore’s Tech Podcast!!

… Leotard….

Stories this week :

Mac OS X Leopard Retails

iTunes Plus Now Offers Over Two Million DRM-Free Tracks at 99 Cents

iPhone dev team releases free 1.1.1 unlock

Apple chooses Orange as iPhone operator in France

Apple planning iPhone SDK for February!

Nokia’s S60 Touch Interface announced

Nokia N810 gets official

Xbox 360 Arcade unboxed

Singapore Airlines takes delivery of first A380

Clearwire Introduces Its First WIMAX PC Card

Hitachi breakthrough: 4TB disks by 2011

The SATA HDD Stage Rack, at last

Universal, Warner, and EMI to sell music on flash drives

Byte of the Week : Tatarah.com.sg :: Singapore’s Premium Lowest Unique Bid (LUB) Reverse Auction

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