65Bits Episode 42. Welcome to the (anti)-Social....again...err

In this week’s Jerrick-less episode of 65 Bits, we talk about the return of the (anti?)-social Zune, a couple of iPhone killers… NOT, Nokia’s sense of humour, some upcoming awesome technologies, and some completely useless devices.

And of course, not to forget, Joost.. (Just when you though you could escape the mind numbing, addictive, waste of time called TV, Joost promises to bring back “the Telly” to your computer for FREE!!! Oh the horror..)

Microsoft’s new Zunes: officially in 80, 8, and 4GB sizes

Creative announces new player – MuVo T100

The HTC Touch Dual

LG unveils Voyager to “kill the iPhone”

Nokia unlocks anti-Apple campaign

What’s the Xbox 360 Arcade Edition?

The Sony Drive XEL-1 OLED TV

Fusion-io 640GB Flash Card

Sony offers cut-price PlayStation

Wiimote used to control Nokia N95

Byte of the Week: Joost

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