65Bits Episode 41: 41 minutes of Halo 3! Just kidding...

Halo 3 is out now. Okay, next! So what’s with all these fancy Prada, Armani and Vertu phones? I mean, it’s not like there’s a lot of features. The vertu phone doesn’t even have a colour screen? Will you pay thousands for a phone like that? Well, if I had several million dollars, I gues I would…

Speaking of phones, the iPhone has been playing the cat and mouse game after all, trying to prevent people from unlocking their iPhones from AT&T. Looks like there isn’t going to be an iPhone in Singapore anytime soon.

Daniel, Jerrick, NTT, Farinelli, Kai Yi

NTT is our Indian podcaster *Tech65 is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome people of all creeds, orientations, Operating Systems* NTT brings with him a knowledge of things Podcast, and things Tech and once in a while even gives us free publicity with which we are immensely grateful for! NTT also brings to this podcast facial hair, which our Chinese podcasters are sorely lacking in. Email NTT at: ntt at tech65 dot org or visit his blog
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