Channel65 Ep10: The Creative ZEN in Detail!

Creative gave us a review unit of the ZEN, so the Tech65 crew tore it apart to give you the highs the lows the lefts and the rights of the player. Everything you need to know before making an informed decision to buy this player – right in this episode! Points discussed – Features & UI, Design, Pricing, Audio, Video.

Naw we didn’t tear it apart. We couldn’t ever bear to, plus it would cost us alot.

Renhao is the member who has resigned himself to the glorious and noble task of communications. He shares a love of audio with NTT, and as such appreciates a curiously wide range of musical styles. Renhao plays the part of a double agent as a proud account executive at Ogilvy Public Relations (haha kidding! Seriously.), where he lives his dream everyday. He has most recently developed a mad obsession with the elusive art-science of photography, and spends his spare time gallivanting around Singapore capturing light. Email Renhao at: farinelli at tech65 dot org or visit his blog.
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