Ep5: The Creative Zen Launch at GT

The Tech65 crew goes down to Geek Terminal to check out the launch of Creative’s brand new media player, the Zen. Eugene, the product presenter at the event, shows us more about the Zen before the crew discusses the Zen in detail.

Check out the Creative Zen
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  • Awesomeness!

    I do like the specs of the new Zen. From the video, I could see that its a whole lot brighter than the Zen M but that makes me wonder about the battery duration.

    I like that its an entertainment device with voice recording. What would make it a perfect all in one would be if Creative add in a video capture to it. (And maybe even internet surfing too) (crosses fingers)

  • According to the specs, 25 hours music playback or 5 hours video playback. We’ll verify that soon enough, but for now, those sure are amazing figures.

    Video capture and net surfing? Wait la hor. Haha.

  • NTT

    Lovely show guys!!!.. It’s good that we got a chance to do this.. Nice..

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