Episode 35: The UMPC's turning point

It’s that time of the week again! The Tech65 gang is down to 3 now. Will they survive this week of tech? Will they be able to resist the Geek Terminal coffee? Will the Ultra Mobile PC finally succeed? Will Skype, Nintendo Wii and Nokia survive from the hands of the Evil ProblemMan and his sidekick, BadPress Boy? And most importantly… Will Jerrick buy us all new iMacs?

All this and more, in this episode of “The Attack of the 65 bits!”

GadgetMan Daniel, Audiophilian Farinelli and NoTouchyTouchy Boy

Stories this week:

  • First, I went to China, Not land of the flying Genie Lamps, and second, I resent that Daniel’s the Gadget Man! Lol Having fun here y’all… Wigging out with my Wii and PS3. The weather is… Here, wish you were mediocre… Hmm…

Daniel Tsou is our fabulous host, who decides mostly what we talk about and basically calls the shots, Yes, he does. I, writer of this bio on Mr Tsou is very much afraid that by commiting this post to words, I will be dragged off in the night by a black Truck, or a Segway more like. Other than that, Daniel is tall, lived for a period of time in Venezuela and Spain, and is enthusiastic for all things tech.
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